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PRM Mediation "Changing Conflict into Opportunity" is what PRM Mediation passionately believes when helping parties mediate resolution in workplace conflicts, separation and divorce and in disputes regarding elder care issues. Choosing Mediation over the Legal System through a neutral 3rd party brings a calming presence, strategic plan and affordable creative resolutions where you decide the outcome, instead of a judge. PRM Mediation owner, Mary Krauel, brings over 25 years of business, mediation and negotiation experience to clients and her own life experience of separation and divorce. Trained in conflict resolution and understanding human relationships Mary provides personal coaching and conflict management training to help people develop life lasting skills to manage and resolve conflict at home and in the workplace. Facing conflict? Need to be heard? Avoid the cost and trauma of a legal battle. Call us for a consultation, speaking engagement, mediation or conflict training. 905-267-2175

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L5J 2P7

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Posted : 16-Feb-2015
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